Sylvan Learning Center Teachers Aide & Test Proctor

March 2008- February 2012

Burlingame, CA

From my sophomore year of high school to my freshman year summer off  fromUniversity of California Santa Cruz I worked at Sylvan Learning Center as a Teachers Aide and Test Proctor. I usually worked the saturday shift, which involved the most multitasking and efficient time management. This allowed me to get to know and help my manager in the most helpful way.

During my  six hour shifts I:

  • Managed the lobby and instruction area by tending to the students and teachers needs
  • Efficiently multitasked these various tasks: answering the phone, pulling the preparation materials for the hour of 3:1 tutoring sessions, preparing and conducting various tests, and assisting the students and instructors.
  • Created and maintained an organization a system of the students educational books and the dropped files boxes once they have stopped using Sylvan’s services
  • Proctored private high school entry tests, elementary  intermediate and advanced reading writing and math tests, tests for beginning readers, and undergraduate college entry tests

This is what my manager of four years, Melissa Campos, says

“In my eight years of knowing Marissa, I have seen her mature into a young lady who loves learning. She understands that goal setting, discipline, and accountability are needed to succeed. I believe that she will be successful in life due to these strong assets.

In September of 2002, Marissa enrolled at Burlingame’s Sylvan Learning Center. As a student at Sylvan, Marissa has learned the importance of organization and goal setting. Since Marissa’s spring semester of her freshman year in high school, I have seen her methodically make decisions to increase her chances of attending a university in the UC system. She has also planned and followed through with a timeline of tasks that need to be completed for the college application process. Being self-disciplined, she has stuck to her original timeline to independently accomplish all the tasks. Marissa’s leadership skills have also helped her succeed as a teacher’s aide at Sylvan.

Marissa has worked at Sylvan since January 2008. The teacher’s aide position has helped her learn the skills of multi-tasking and teamwork. Since Marissa understands the skills of each teacher on staff, she is able to determine the tools a teacher may need during instruction. She can also juggle this task with various office duties, giving instructions to students for standardized testing, as well as interacting with students and parents. With Marissa on duty, the teaching staff is confident that the day will run smoothly.”