Group Tutor at Burlingame High School

November 2008- June 2012

Burlingame, CA

From my sophomore to my senior year of high school, at Burlingame High School, I was the lead group tutor for student who were struggling in their algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and pre-calculous classes. Whether by referral from their math teacher or by choice 8-15 students showed up every week for one hour group tutoring sessions. Tutoring  in these students gave me confidence in to be able to work one on one with a student and feel comfortable teaching math.

In these session I:

  • Lead instruction in building students a solid foundation in math by:
    • actively listened to their math questions than answered their individual questions from homework and class
    • working through sample problems with them
    • teaching them the material in a way that allowed 95% of the students to understand the concept that troubled them priorly
  • Improving their grades and study habits by showing them my study and time management techniques
  • Trained other tutors to teach in similar effective ways after I graduated from high school