The Everett Program: Tech Essentials Tech Lab Teacher

Fall 2013; from  September 2013-December 2013

Santa Cruz, CA

In my second year as a fellow of the Everett Program I was given the task to teach a group of undergraduate students the basic of technology that needed today. This class curriculum had not been updated for three years. Thus, along with preparing the lessons for each class my co-teacher and I revamped the whole curriculum this quarter. With my co-teacher Suraya Arslen, I did the following:

  • Taught productivity application, open source software, and presentation tool use
  • Revamping and restructured the curriculum from three years ago to meet 2013 techonology needs
  • Of all 8 classes taught, atleast 10 of 13 students came to class
  • In 5 of my 8 office hours I held, atleast 2 students have come in for help
  • In these office hours I resolved their technology questions
  • Got to know the student and build a longterm relationship with the students who attended office hours
  • The website that hosted the lesson plans is no longer being paid for, but see these prezi pdf’s that accompanied my tech lectures.


Fall 2014; from  September 2014-December 2014

Santa Cruz, CA

In my third year as a fellow of the Everett Program I was given the task teach Tech Essentials again! This time with the purpose of building  online content that allows anyone to learn from the lesson page without needing me as an instructor. Furthermore, my role changed from soley prepping, teaching , and grading homework. I was given the extra responsibility to mentor my facilitators to be able to teach technology, to teach twice as many students, and develop more detailed content. With the help of my manager Thomas Gelder and teacher’s aides Christine Yang and Taylor Ikemia I did the following:

  • Built up the curriculum taught last year in detailed lesson
    • This allows any person to learn about these tech skills directly from the lesson
  • Taught 8 of the 10 classes, in which 85% of my students attended each lesson
  • Resolved students questions in my office hours
  • Taught my facilitators how to teach tech

Check out the lessons that I have created and taught with the help of my colleagues here:

Here is the work the lesson plans and final lessons I gave my students:

Here are some photos of me teaching the tech lab:

  • Teaching Tech Essentials Tech Lab
    Teaching Tech Essentials Tech Lab
  • Explaining a Chart on to my students
    Explaining a Chart on to my students