The Everett Program: CiviCRM Tech Lab Teacher

Spring 2014: from April 2014- June 2014

Santa Cruz, CA

In my second year as a fellow of the Everett Program I taught a open source data  management program, CiviCRM. Since spring quarter is the quarter where the Everett Program tries new labs I took a different teaching approach. With the eight students I was given I made the class structure a working group styles. I would put up the resources and a very rudimentary lesson with a homework assignment before class. Then, during class the students would work on the assignments together and with my help. The assignments I created were based on exploring different tools available on CiviCRM. This structure allowed the  students to play around the tools available in a safe environment to ask their peers and myself questions. Lastly, this class structure allowed me to really get to know the students and individualize the homework end goals to match their career desires.

  • Restructured the tech lab curriculum from Drupal CRM to WordPress CRM
  • Updated and added tech lessons needed today
  • Created lesson plans and homework
  • Adjusted the syllabus with reconstructed goals, objectives, and topics to emphasize the use of excel

Check out the lessons that I created and taught to my students here: