Student Antigenocide Coalition: President

September 2012- June 2013

Santa Cruz, CA

After being an active member of  Student Antigenocide Coalition my  first year as an undergraduate, I was chosen to be be co-president with my colleague Zoe Stricker. As president I assumed and took care of these duties (while being a full time undergraduate student):

  • using doodle, I planned when the quarterly meeting time and days were
  • scheduled the rooms to meet each week
  • planned the agenda every other week to talk about recent news events and coordinate local campaign work
  • main contact the regional organizer for the national STAND group
  • planed the local campaign Conflict Free Campus Initiative
    • made flyers
    • meet with professors and graduate students for help and campaign support
    • coordinated the other member to post flyers, give class pitches for the campaign, and meet with professors
    • gave class pitches about the campaign
    • gathers signatures for an online petition  about the campaign
  • managed the various social media channels used to advertise our on the ground work
  • chose and trained the president for the next academic school year
  • pitched and recruited in classes to build club membership
  • planned ‘Die In’s’- a silent demonstration of all our members in black laying next to tomb stones with the death statistics in the trouble regions we were learning about
    • This really caught the visual attention of the students and people on UCSC campus


‘Die In’ done by my local chapter:946097_592485367436670_1438907075_n