Student Antigenocide Coalition: Campaign Leader

October 2011- June 2013

Santa Cruz, CA

About the Initiative

In conjuntion with the Enough Project, I and my student team work on the Conflict Free Campus Initiative (CFCI).


“By encouraging university officials and stakeholders, both of whom are large purchasers of electronics and powerful spokespersons, to commit to measures that pressure electronics companies to responsibly invest in Congo’s minerals sector, students are voicing the demand for conflict-free products from Congo. Comprehensive reform is needed in Congo to bring about sustainable peace- now is the time is now for students to lead the conflict-free movement for peace in eastern Congo.”

Our local on the ground work entailed

  • worked in conjuction with a seven person team on campus and two people working at the enough project office in Washington DC to write a University of California wide petition to ban electronic purchases using conflict minerals
  • tabling, doing ‘Die In’s’, doing lecture pitches, and talking to the college senates at University of California Santa Cruz campus
    • informing the students and those working on campus about the issue
  • talked to professors and graduates (in the economics, environmental studies, and sociology department) to:
    • edit our CFCI proposal to the Chancellor of University of California Santa Cruz
    • back and support the  initiative
  • gathered names on the petition- 500 signatures in three weeks –  by tabling at dining commons and in populated areas on campus
  • gathered 60 online signatures on this petition in three weeks
  • succeeded in getting an audience with the chancellor and got the petition on the University of California Santa Cruz wide campus ballot

My work as president was put filly into this initiative. I  posted and blasted our work on this campaign in various social media channels.