Personal Social Media Work

August 2012- current

Online work, no geographic location

Since being introduced to twitter as a news and social activism tool at the Student Antigenocide Coalition Training, I started doing various personal social media work to create a personal positive presence online.



Since joining twitter in August 2012, I have been following and sending tweets on technology, social entrepreneurship,  farming, business management, and economics. I follow many marketing, technology and entrepreneurs. I have generated 106 followers as of 11/14/14. Through my work on twitter I have learned how to tweet and attract the audience I desire and keep myself updated with out needing to set up an RSS feed. Below is a picture a contact the messaged my on linkedIn based off what I tweeted on twitter.



In the fall of 2012 I created a LinkedIn profile. Since that point on my online professional networking has exponentially increased. I put the time into creating a profile that is robust and full of detail. Through this I have been able to learn about a majority of the nuances and tricks on how to utilize a LinkedIn free account. I even have created  a lesson so any one creating one can use the lesson to do so– with many visual aides!

Send &/or connect with me on LinkedIn, name Aaron Longa, if you would like to get to know me professionally!

Facebook Pages:

From the social media training I received at the Student Antigenocide Coalition Training I took it upon myself to create social media pages and accounts for the University of California Santa Cruz chapter Student Antigenocide Coalition (STAND). For this chapter I created a facebook page and twitter to engage and work with  our local and national students.

In my one year managing STAND’s facebook pages I achieved the following:

  • posted daily- articles, the national STAND group news, articles written about our chapter, and the work we were doing- at the optimal time
    • reach atleast 50% of our followers
    • engaged with 40%of our followers
  • built up and sustained the amount of followers at above 50 people during the time I managed the account

Social Media Management:

From September 2012- March 2014 I managed my social media accounts (twitter, linkedIn,), STAND’s social media accounts (facebook page and  twitter), and the Everett Programs social media accounts (LinkedIn company page,  facebook pages (the prior page under the name GIIP and the Everett Program)). I was able to manage and schedule all these accounts through the social media management tool Hootsuite. Using hootsuite allowed me to schedule post to many or singular social platform at one time and still be able to complete the tasks needed as a full time undergraduate student.


My hootsuite dashboard I used to manage all these modes of social media during this duration:Hootsuite