Program in Community and Agroecology

September 2012-June 2013

Santa Cruz, CA



PICA is an coop living/learning program located at the Village in the Lower Quarry on UCSC campus. Located right next to the Foundational Roots Garden students are giving the opportunity to work and eat off the organic garden they tend too! Through seminars, practical training in agroecology and organic gardening, student involvement in campus and community gardens, and the development of local composting projects, PICA students are able to integrate classroom instruction with hands-on learning.

About PICA video

My Experience

At PICA I got to experience living in a coop with many likeminded intelligent individuals interested in organic gardening and pursuing  a degree at UCSC. I enjoying being able to go out and study in the garden, harvest a fuyu persimmon, and attend community meals. Threes times a week different member of the community would cook for the 30 residents that lived at PICA. I learned not only how to grow and harvest the food, but share it with the community!


Sustainable organic gardening skills I learned:

  • Learned to plan and upkeep an active organic garden
  • Propagated plants
  • Cold composted food and green waste
  • Learned about fruit tree pruning
  • How to make cobb ovens
  • How to double dig a bed
  • How to harvest greens and fruit without damaging the plant &/or tree
  • WACC calculation
    WACC calculation
  • Bond valuation excel analysis
    Bond valuation excel analysis
  • term paper excerpt
    term paper excerpt
  • Project case scenerio
    Project case scenerio