Agroecology Practicum

Fall 2012


Professor: Katie Monsen

Grade Received: Pass


UCSC Class Description

“Through seminars and field experience students are encouraged to address questions important in the cultivation of sustainable communities. An environmental Studies faculty member leads a two-unit PICA Seminar (ENVS 91F/191F) each quarter that introduces students to concepts of community and agroecology in the context of sustainability. From planting cover crops in the Foundational Roots Garden, to building the Village composting system, to removing invasive plants at the CASFS farm, these students are able to share their knowledge with other members of the PICA community.”

The Work I Did

In this class I – for the first time – learned the sustainable agroecological principles of organic gardening and farming. I learned how to maintain a compost pile, dig a bed, propogate a plant, etc from the teacher and guest lecturers in the Foundational Roots Garden in the Village on UCSC campus. Once my classmates and I saw a demonstration we got to do hands-on work in parts of the garden that needed it! Lastly, we read about the social impact of agroecology and discussed it over a community meal. This really made me aware of my impact when buying food from any market!

Here is what I did for this course:

  • Flattening the greens compost pile
    Flattening the greens compost pile
    So many greens to compost!
  • Baby salad mix bed
    Baby salad mix bed
    Colorful lettuce heads!
  • Analytical reading response
    Analytical reading response