Natural Resource Economics

Fall 2013


PHD candidate (at the time): Cheyney O’Fallon

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics Theory

Grade Received: B


UCSC Class Description

“The application of economic analysis to the use of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources. Efficiency and distributional aspects of natural resource scarcity. Measurement of the benefits and costs.”

The Work I Did

In this class I  learned about the qualitative and quantitative knowledge ties to natural resource economics. I learned the introductory theory and methods of economic analysis applied to natural resource issues. I was tested with two midterms and a final. In these exams I demonstrated the ability to write concepts and use the mathematical techniques taught in class.  I was also asked to present on an recent, within ten years, paper written in this field.

Here are some examples of the work I did!

  • Sample qualitative test question received
    Sample qualitative test question received
  • Slide from presentation made
    Slide from presentation made
  • Sample hand calculation I had to demonstrate
    Sample hand calculation I had to demonstrate
  • Hand-out for presentation given
    Hand-out for presentation given