Introduction to Econometrics

Spring 2013


Professor: Carlos Dobkins

Prerequisites: Introduction to Micro and Macroeconomics Theory, Introduction to Statistics, Introductory Calculus applied to economics part I & II, Intermediate Microeconomics Theory, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

Grade Received: B+


UCSC Class Description

“Practical methods for organizing and analyzing economic data, testing economic hypotheses, and measuring economic relationships. Regression analysis is the main empirical method, and basic statistical and probability theory is included. Students gain hands-on computer experience with an econometric software package. “

The Work I Did

In this class I learned the methods and a statistical software used by economists for economic analysis. In this class I applied statistical and calculus concepts to learn regression analysis. In this class there was one midterm and final. Through the problem sets and exams I demonstrated an ability to apply the econometric principles taught in class. Specifically, I showed the ability to do the econometric proof done by Professor Dobkins, calculate the numbers desired, and interpret the number desired.

Here are examples of the work I did in class:


  • My R code and number analysis
    My R code and number analysis
  • Generated R graph
    Generated R graph
  • Quantitative and qualitative statistical work
    Quantitative and qualitative statistical work
  • Sample proof
    Sample proof
    Applied and demonstrated this knowledge in many capacities