Intermediate Applied Econometrics

Winter 2014


Professor: Carlos Dobkins

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics Theory, Introduction to Econometrics

Grade Received: A-


UCSC Class Description

“Applies the techniques of econometrics and experimental economics to the understanding of economics. A “hands-on” course where real economic data is used in an interactive way so that students develop the art of empirical analysis.”

The Work I Did

In this class I used the econometrics I learned prior to writing rudimentary papers  of economic analysis. Using the statistical program R, I used the over 5000 line national data sets,  I analyzed the data and generated graphs to visualize the data. Once done, I wrote two economic statistical inference papers. The first paper I wrote about looked to see  if a precise estimate was calculated from two different types of data sets. The second paper I wrote used two different data sets to compare if, what type of correlation, and the effect of the correlation.

  • The second paper
    The second paper
  • Figures generated on R from large data sets
    Figures generated on R from large data sets
    For the second paper
  • The first paper
    The first paper
  • Charts created from R's statistical analysis
    Charts created from R's statistical analysis
    For the first paper