Student Antigenocide Coalition Training

August 2012

Maryland, USA


For five days I was lucky enough to attend a social justice and student activist training for high school and undergraduate students. In this training I learned about the various antigenocide crisis’s  STAND national wanted to focus on for the year, connected with other students activists, and was trained in many topics!

Training Received

Social Media 201

  • I learned how to use social media, specifically twitter for social activism and campus engagement
  • I learned how to management my social media via social media management tools

One to One’s: recruitment

  • I learned what One to One’s are, why to use them, and practiced with my workshop attendees
    • I applied this directly to the UCSC STAND chapter members that current year, they found it helpful to have a check in at the beginning, middle, and end of the academic year as active members

Media Tools

Lobby Training

  • I learned how to lobby and talk to politicians on capital hill about any issue by speaking clearly and having a short and well prepared statement ready
    • I practices these skills directly after the training, by talking to my senator about the antigenocide issues I was most concerned about

Management 101

  • I learned the basic interactions on managing others. Asking for  a speak back, giving clear explicit directions, and learning when to delegate
    • I use these skills everyday since learning them in the various leadership roles I hold as an undergraduate student

Building Relationships and Networking

  • I learned how to start a conversation with other I have not meet yet at a conference.
    • I use this everyday, when establishing genuine connections with everyone I interact with


  • I learned about the various  means – flyering, tabling, class pitches, etc – to recruit members to the UCSC STAND chapter

Organizational Strategy

  • I learned about various ways to organize my local chapter for optimal efficiency
  • Applying our networking skills!
    Applying our networking skills!
  • Workshoppin'
  • Group photo!
    Group photo!