Paicines Ranch: Holistic Management Courses

March 31, 2014 – April 4, 2014

Paicines, CA

Holistic Management Clinic and Courses

Master holistic management practitioner and educator Ian Mitchell-Innes came to Paicines Ranch to give an in-depth exploration of the principles and practice of livestock management. Specifically geared towards livestock managers with a basic understanding of holistic management, this three-day course will explore the vital role of animal performance in relation to profitability and soil health. Topics covered included the relationship between grazing animals and soil health, understanding the whole in which you manage, effectively using time to get the most from your grazing, ranching with minimal inputs, animal nutrition and getting stock density right. There will be both classroom and field time each day.

What I Learned

I learned though lectures, questions and answers, and practice worksheets the topics mentioned above. Additionally, I learned these other two topics. In a one-day intensive I learned principles and practices that allow livestock managers to stay economically solvent without degrading their ecological base during times of drought. Key concepts covered included the functioning of healthy ecosystem processes, the relationship between soil ecology, grassland health and grazing animal behavior and the implications of determining and managing from the perspective of a “whole”. Attending the 3 clinics in 7 days I learning about Holistic Management techniques, tips, and strategies for livestock production.

The clinics I attended were:

  • Taking Holistic Management to The Next Level with Ian Mitchell-Innes
  • Managing for Drought Intensive: Advanced Principles and Strategies by Ian Mitchell Innes
  • Holistic Management on California Grasslands – Increasing Resilience and Diversity in a Changing Climate with Ian Mitchell-Innes