Managerial Economics

Fall 2013


Professor: Julie Gonzalez & Robert Baden

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics Theory, Introduction to Econometrics

Grade Received: B+


UCSC Class Description

“Analysis of the theory and practice of decision making in business firms, applying the concepts and techniques of microeconomics. Topics may include pricing schemes, non-price competition, internal organization of firms, incentive contracts, asymmetric information, and game theory. Case studies are used to illustrate some topics.”

The Work I Did

In this class I built upon the knowledge from Intermediate Microeconomics Theory and Introduction to Econometrics to calculate the desired number needed to solve managerial questions. For instance, I  used the prior knowledge of determining aggregate demand to calculate the lerners index and HHI. Once the number was calculated I interpreted the value I found.  I submitted homework problem sets, completed two midterms, and final to demonstrate my understanding.

Here are some sample of the work I completed:

  • Example exam questions
    Example exam questions
  • Microeconomic calculations
    Microeconomic calculations
  • Interpretation of a calculated number!
    Interpretation of a calculated number!