Introduction to Management Science

Spring 2014


Professor: Donald Wittman

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics Theory

Grade Received: B+


UCSC Class Description

“The scientific study of management decision making. Topics include linear, integer, and non-linear programming. Special emphasis on a wide variety of practical applications, including production scheduling, optimal transportation assignments, and optimal inventory policy.”

The Work I Did

In this class I used the intermediate microeconomic theory I learned priorly to translate real economic problems faced by industries and government today into mathematical formulae. I put the formulae into the  a mathlab program called ‘Lingo’. Once places in lingo I received numerical results I analyzed in an economical way. I completed all homework sets, 2 midterms, and one final.

Here are examples of what kinds of questions I solved:

  • Example questions prompt
    Example questions prompt
  • Solution to problem
    Solution to problem
    Lingo out put code I would interpret
  • Interpretation of lingo output
    Interpretation of lingo output