Corporate Finance

Winter 2015


Professor: Nirvikar Singh

Prerequisites: Introductory Financial Accounting, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Introduction to Econometrics

Grade Received: A-


UCSC Class Description

“An analysis of financial policies of business enterprises. Topics include cash flow analysis, stock and bond valuation, asset pricing models, capital budgeting, financial market institutions, and financial planning.”

The Work I Did

In this class I learned the basics on valuing cash flows and financial assets. I learned and applied the rules for managing cash and allocating capital in the short run and long run taking in to account the costs, returns and risks, and the roles of financial markets in guiding these facilities. I gained a better understanding of the central aspects to run your own business and work in the finance department of a firm. I showed my understanding of this material through two midterms, and a term paper.

Here are sample of the work I did:

  • WACC calculation
    WACC calculation
  • Bond valuation excel analysis
    Bond valuation excel analysis
  • term paper excerpt
    term paper excerpt
  • Project case scenerio
    Project case scenerio