Business Strategy

Spring 2014


Professor: Robert Badin

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics Theory, Introductory Financial Accounting

Grade Received: B-


UCSC Class Description

“The strategic management process, techniques for analyzing single-business and diversified companies, implementing strategy, organization, business planning, financial strategy, competitive analysis, entrepreneurial skills.”

The Work I Did

In this class I learning the terminology and various types of business strategy  through the use of lectures, reading case studies, and playing a business strategy game against my class mates. Through a midterm and a final I was tested on the reading and terminology. Through the business strategy game -where I had 4 group members – I applied the techniques taught in class to a computer simulation game against my class mates. The business strategy game placed each group as the head business strategy developers of an international shoe making company. My company was against ten other groups that where competitors in the US and internationally. This allowed me to apply the business strategy I was learning with out taking real financial risk in the actual market.

Here are some images of what  I did for each part of the class:

  • The business strategy game
    The business strategy game
    Report screen I interfaced with
  • Year reports simulated by the program
    Year reports simulated by the program
    Business Strategy Game reports I analyzed
  • My Company Business Analysis
    My Company Business Analysis