Experienced people leader in agribusiness with dangerous IT ability

  • Top o' the persimmon tree!
    Top o' the persimmon tree!
    Getting the ripest fuyu persimmons before the birds!
  • Harvesting time!
    Harvesting time!
    Taking a break by eating the fruits of my labor!
  • Family orchard bonding!
    Family orchard bonding!
    Showing of the fruits of our labor, one generation to the next!
  • Winter Pruning Time
    Winter Pruning Time
    Winter pruning the pome fruit trees to my desired forms!
  • Farm fresh food tabling!
    Farm fresh food tabling!
  • Travel and food
    Travel and food
  • Farmin'
    Working on a field production level



About Me

Experienced people leader in agribusiness with dangerous IT ability. I have a undergraduate degree in business management economics from the University of California Santa Cruz. I have a passion for agriculture, business management economics, social entrepreneurship, and technology application. Over the past four years I have cultivated my skills in those three paths of passion. I have learned soft and hard skills that can be applied to many work environments. Lastly, I enjoy the strategizing, implementing strategy, and doing the calculations for the strategy. I am an accomplished, achievement-driven and results-oriented University graduate. I hope to apply the skills I learned in the work place and at a masters program in applied economics and agriculture.

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